Roadtripping to Radio City & The Rockettes: The Countdown

The countdown is on!!!

There’s officially one week until I leave for New York City and I could not be more ecstatic about this trip.

It’s been about two and half weeks since Boyfriend surprised me with tickets to go see the Rockettes in New York. I haven’t blogged about it until now because it’s taken me this long to figure out how to put my excitement into words.


Going to see the Rockettes in NYC has been a dream of mine for years. I was even in a tap kickline group in college that only furthered my appreciation for the beautiful ensemble of women that is the Rockettes. Also while in college, I did an entire project/speech in my dance choreography class about them because I wanted everyone to know how amazing they are. Everything they do, everything they touch is pure gold. I am a super huge fan and still cannot even try to begin to express my emotions about the experience I’m about to have. Boyfriend and I bought tour tickets for the Radio City Music Hall and we even get to meet a Rockette when we’re there!

I figure I’m going to cry at least five times during this glorious road trip:

  1. When we wake up at 3 am to leave for NYC (partially because it will be 3 am and partially because we are going to NYC and I’ve never been there and lastly because it will be T minus one day until we see the Rockettes).
  2. When we arrive in New York (because the city is beautiful from what I hear and also because we are that much closer to seeing the Rockettes).
  3. When we meet a Rockette (because duh…)
  4. Before, during and after the show (It’ll just be one continuous cry, probably through the entire thing because it’s going to be so beautiful… I have to remind Boyfriend to bring about 14885752369 boxes of tissues.)
  5. When we leave NYC (because who doesn’t love NYC, right?!)

I’ve already warned Boyfriend that I may or may not pass out while meeting a Rockette. He’s prepared… Or at least he thinks he is.

I could probably go on for DAYS about how amazing and superior the Rockettes are. BUT, I am also just really excited for the city of New York. Like I said, I’ve never been and I hear it’s pretty much the cat’s pajamas (oh wow, I’m getting old).

The plan is to arrive Friday afternoon, grab some food (New York style pizza, of course) and then sightsee for a little bit in southern Manhattan. Saturday is going to be packed, but we have from early morning to 10 pm (when the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular starts) to cram in as much as we can. Sunday, we don’t really have much time so we are pretty much going to eat breakfast and hit the road for home.

Boyfriend and I sat on Google Maps and pretty much mapped out everything we want to do and see. There are 21 items on our list, but we are determined to cover them all. It’s probably going to be freezing and miserable outside, but that’s why I’m all about the layers, especially on this trip. I don’t know when we are going to go back to NYC, so I am prepared to spend about two minutes at every stop. I just want to see it all. I have no idea how realistic this is going to be, but I plan on lacing up my running shoes and hitting pavement ALL DAY. I’m also going to need about 5 coffees Saturday morning, probably more.

Wish me luck, y’all!


P.S. Send tissues.

Dance Overload

Yesterday I took a well-deserved day off after my meeting. I grabbed my cheesy poofs and root beer and basically glued myself to my bed for seven hours straight. It was bliss. I haven’t been able to do that in so long. And especially since I’m down-in-the-dumps these days, I felt like I should have at least one lazy sweatpants day, so my pity party for one ensued.

Anyway, I took the time to catch up on two of my favorite shows: Rookie Blue (which is so amazing that you should stop reading this and go start watching from season one) and So You Think You Can Dance (which is the best competition show of all time and you should also consider watching from season one, but if 11 seasons is too daunting, just start watching it now.)

But since I am all caught up on So You Think You Can Dance, I am going to overload you with dance a little bit tonight. Here are my top three favorite routines from the last couple weeks on the show:

  1. I may make you cry with these first two. They are just amazing. This one in particular portrays the feeling of love so perfectly. It’s just incredible to watch and gives me all sorts of goosebumps. The dancers’ chemistry is just so real and passionate. Beautiful.[youtube=]
  2. Lately I’ve been in a power-to-the-women type of mood. Okay, I’m always in that kind of mood. Call me independent or a rugged individualist or something. But, this routine portrays so much power and strength that women have and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It also gave me chills. And this song! I’ve always been a fan.
  3. I’m not sure what it is about this one. It’s just fun. Between the neon colors, the cowboys, and the freakin’ awesome song, this routine is just one of my favorites. Feel free to laugh now since I made you cry with the other two. [youtube=]

P.S. My show on Thursday went great. My little tap kickline group killed it. We were seriously on fire. I’m so proud! Here’s a picture. For this number, we invited some guys to dance with us. Tap Kickline


Three Months in 20 Bullets

Oh, hey there. Well this is awkward. Have I really not blogged in 3 months? WOW. I’m lame.

Y’all have missed a lot. You know how hectic my life gets. So here we go… I present to you: “Three Months in 20 Bullets.”

  • Finals week came and went. Thank God that’s over.
  • I’ve had two haircuts. I’m pretty sure my hair grows at an unnatural speed.
  • I spent Memorial Day catchin’ some rays at the beach. It was pretty much amazing.
  • My niece graduated high school. That pretty much makes me like, old or something.
  • My birthday came and went. 21, y’all. (It’s not as great as everyone makes it out to be, though I could be doing it wrong.)
  • I hate whiskey and I can’t do a shot to save my life.
  • I spent 3 days in the wilderness. Okay, not really the wilderness, but I did go camping. It was extremely refreshing and exactly what I needed.
  • I had a mole removed. It was weird. Let’s not talk about it.
  • I start my internship at the local newspaper in exactly 3 weeks. HOLY SHOOT! And that also means…
  • School starts in said 3 weeks. Bummer. But that means…
  • The first day of my last semester of school before I GRADUATE also happens in said 3 weeks. And all that made me realize…
  • My parents aren’t going to want me living in their house forever. Time to find my own place. I’m a big kid now. I think they call that “adulthood,” which I am so ready, but so not ready for.
  • I became an official employee at my school’s student newspaper. Bulkin’ up the résumé with that one.
  • I am now a member of my school’s Spirit Week Committee. It’s pretty much awesome. And while at a Spirit Week Committee meeting…
  • I became a member of my school’s Welcome Week Committee. So I like school. I’m a cool kid.
  • My online shopping got better. Now it’s getting worse again. I can’t help it when I find a must-have piece. I’m convinced 45 pairs of shoes just isn’t enough. Oh, that reminds me…
  • I got new shoes that are so sassy, I feel like I have to walk differently just to meet their sass-factor.









  • …And I have an insanely incurable love for dresses. Me. Dresses. Who knew?
  • I made a pen. I turned that block of wood into that pen. Just let that sink in. Also, I’m sure this will be the first of many. (It’s zebrawood if you’re curious.)









  • IT’S SHOW SEASON! My dance season is finally here. I’m in tech this week and my show is on Thursday night. I’m mega pumped. So, to fully embrace the beginning of my show season, I will leave you with this. One of my favorite routines ever. This song is also stuck in my head constantly, perhaps because it’s basically my life right now. More on that later. Eh, maybe.

Daring to Dance in the Early Days

Today’s Daily Prompt: What are your earliest and fondest memories of dance?

As a dancer, I could not ignore this prompt. Dancing is one of my passions and my life wouldn’t be the same without it. Nowadays, I dance in a company and am a dance minor. I do jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, hip hop, and little of some other styles, but it wasn’t always that way. I definitely did not grow up in a studio like some dancers. In fact, I didn’t even start studio dancing until high school. When I was little, I was a tomboy. The last thing I wanted to be was a ballerina.

But when it comes to my passion for dance, I guess I have my mom to thank, even though I’ve never really thought that until now. There was a time in my life when it was just Mom, Leeah, and I. My mom was single, working two jobs, raising two daughters, and life was just busy. The three of us used to get up at about 4 a.m. so that my mom could take my sister and I to the babysitter before she had to be to work at 5. Sometimes, I would sleep on the way to the sitter, but mostly I remember singing… and dancing.

At that time, and still today, our little family had a deep love for country music. It pretty much ran in our veins. At the time, “Two Pina Coladas” by Garth Brooks was a popular hit on the radio. (That was 1997. I was about 4.) My mom taught my sister and I these hand motions to go along with the song (I still remember them today), so every time the song came on the radio, Leeah and I would excitedly do the hand motions in our seats.

When I got a little older, I graduated from hand motions to all out dancing at wedding receptions. I remember going to about 3 or 4 wedding receptions as a child. I was a shy little kid. I blushed anytime someone would talk to me, but I grew up in a little family of extroverts. My mom and sister are not shy by any stretch of the imagination. So, at these wedding receptions, my mom would always pull Leeah and I out onto the dance floor, and do dances like the “Macarena” (haha, I didn’t know there was a music video until now) and “The Electric Slide” (oh, ’90s, you were wonderful).

A number of other little dance milestones followed: My fifth grade performance of “The Electric Slide” at a showcase, more wedding receptions, school dances in middle school and high school, as well as my high school dance showcases. I learned a lot of what I know by simply watching other people.

Now, I’m here, where my life is full of dance 24/7. I wouldn’t change it for the world.