And That’s a Wrap…

No big deal… but I am officially a college graduate, guys!

No more class. No more studying. No more school.

I can’t believe it. I have so much free time now that I don’t know what to do with myself. I jokingly tell everyone that I’m a jobless bum, sometimes interchangeable with nomad. Same thing. While I have been searching for jobs (because let’s be real, I do need money), I have been enjoying some time off. I can do whatever I want, when I want. School no longer dictates my day-to-day life. After 16 and a half years of schooling, that is so weird.

There’s just so much freedom! I need to pick up a few regular hobbies and find some things that I enjoy doing again because I have so much time to fill (between filling out job apps, of course).

And yes, graduate school might come later down the road, but for now, I am done.

Here are some memes that summarize how I feel about the whole thing:

grad9 grad1 grad7 grad6 grad5

Three Months in 20 Bullets

Oh, hey there. Well this is awkward. Have I really not blogged in 3 months? WOW. I’m lame.

Y’all have missed a lot. You know how hectic my life gets. So here we go… I present to you: “Three Months in 20 Bullets.”

  • Finals week came and went. Thank God that’s over.
  • I’ve had two haircuts. I’m pretty sure my hair grows at an unnatural speed.
  • I spent Memorial Day catchin’ some rays at the beach. It was pretty much amazing.
  • My niece graduated high school. That pretty much makes me like, old or something.
  • My birthday came and went. 21, y’all. (It’s not as great as everyone makes it out to be, though I could be doing it wrong.)
  • I hate whiskey and I can’t do a shot to save my life.
  • I spent 3 days in the wilderness. Okay, not really the wilderness, but I did go camping. It was extremely refreshing and exactly what I needed.
  • I had a mole removed. It was weird. Let’s not talk about it.
  • I start my internship at the local newspaper in exactly 3 weeks. HOLY SHOOT! And that also means…
  • School starts in said 3 weeks. Bummer. But that means…
  • The first day of my last semester of school before I GRADUATE also happens in said 3 weeks. And all that made me realize…
  • My parents aren’t going to want me living in their house forever. Time to find my own place. I’m a big kid now. I think they call that “adulthood,” which I am so ready, but so not ready for.
  • I became an official employee at my school’s student newspaper. Bulkin’ up the résumé with that one.
  • I am now a member of my school’s Spirit Week Committee. It’s pretty much awesome. And while at a Spirit Week Committee meeting…
  • I became a member of my school’s Welcome Week Committee. So I like school. I’m a cool kid.
  • My online shopping got better. Now it’s getting worse again. I can’t help it when I find a must-have piece. I’m convinced 45 pairs of shoes just isn’t enough. Oh, that reminds me…
  • I got new shoes that are so sassy, I feel like I have to walk differently just to meet their sass-factor.









  • …And I have an insanely incurable love for dresses. Me. Dresses. Who knew?
  • I made a pen. I turned that block of wood into that pen. Just let that sink in. Also, I’m sure this will be the first of many. (It’s zebrawood if you’re curious.)









  • IT’S SHOW SEASON! My dance season is finally here. I’m in tech this week and my show is on Thursday night. I’m mega pumped. So, to fully embrace the beginning of my show season, I will leave you with this. One of my favorite routines ever. This song is also stuck in my head constantly, perhaps because it’s basically my life right now. More on that later. Eh, maybe.

Tuesday Travesties

Before this week, I thought Monday was the absolute worst day of the week. Apparently not. There’s definitely something to be said about Tuesday.

This morning started out great. I had plenty of time to get ready for school, I had a plan for the day, I was feeling good.

Then I got to school.

I sat down in my first class and tried to log into the computer. Some error message came up about not being able to connect to a server or something. I clicked “ok” and tried again. Same message. Then, I overheard the people behind me talking about the server being completely down. I was still in denial, so I got on my smart phone and went to Facebook using 3G (so slow!) only to discover that my news feed had already blown up with people talking about not going to campus because nobody can get on the Internet, print anything, or even open a Word document.

I find it absolutely absurd and ridiculous that I got frustrated over not having a connection to the Internet. I mean, I really don’t want to be one of those people. You know, the certain breed of human that can’t survive without WiFi. Probably the same breed of human who thought this was funny…

But I did. I got really frustrated. Why? I had a plan, dang it. That plan revolved around WiFi.

Did I forget to mention that my first class is called Writing for the Web? Yup, true story. That class lasted about 15 minutes before my professor decided that we couldn’t do anything unless we had Internet access.

Anyway, my plan for the day was that I was going to get to my first class early, print documents from my online syllabus for Class 2, read those documents before Class 1 started, go to Class 2, then do my homework for Class 3 in the 2-hour time gap I have between Class 2 and Class 3. Class 3’s assignment also required Internet access.

Needless to say, that plan epically failed!

Here’s what actually happened: I decided that after the 15 minutes that was supposed to be Class 1, I would race home (and I mean race) so that I could quickly print what I needed to for Class 2 and be back in time for class. Problem: that afforded me no time to actually read what I was supposed to for Class 2. Scrap that.

Alright, so maybe I can just skip Class 2 all together? I don’t have the reading done and don’t have time to go print what I need to. Hmmm… what’s the attendance policy for that class? Here, let me look it up… Oh wait! The attendance policy is on the ONLINE SYLLABUS! Okay, that’s awesome. Maybe I can just use my 3G connection and very slowly figure out what the attendance policy is. Alright, Safari, do your thing. “Cannot open page.” FORGET THIS! Class 2 is definitely getting skipped. I don’t even care about the attendance policy anymore.

I drove home, did my homework for Class 3, printed what I needed to, and drove back to campus in enough time to actually go to class 3.

That was a fiasco! I’m glad it’s over.

In conclusion:

Monday Madness

This day started off horrible.

My alarm went off at 6 a.m., which is usually the time I wake up on Mondays (why the heck I chose that, I don’t know. Things become much clearer in hindsight). But today, I just couldn’t get myself to get out of my bed. I had a serious case of the Mondays. Like, I was contemplating skipping all three of my classes today. And I am not a class skipper. My throat hurt, I was tired, and it was freaking arctic in my room. I knew that as soon as I pulled the blankets back, I would turn into an ice cube.

I really wasn’t feeling it.

But, as soon as I made an executive decision to stay in my warm little fluffy heaven, my annoying nerdy kid conscience made me come to my senses. So, I got out of bed with about 40 minutes to get ready and be sitting in my class at the university 25 minutes away. I seriously thought I was going to be late to class. I was running around the house throwing clothes on, my breakfast in one hand, blow dryer in the other. At one point, my sister shouts from her bedroom in her warm little cocoon of blankets (hate her… not really):

“Hey, Bekka! Are you still here?”

Me (hurriedly throwing things in my backpack and trying to tie my shoe at the same time): “Yes.”

“Girl, you better hurry! You’re going to be so late!”


So anyway, I finally run out to my car, sling my backpack into the backseat, and pull out of my driveway. All I can say is that this morning, without a doubt, Vin Diesel would have been really proud of me. My mad driving skills got me to school and in my classroom with 4 minutes to spare. Phew! That was a close one.

After almost completely spacing out through two of my classes (don’t judge me), I checked my e-mail and found out that my third class was cancelled. Ok, so usually I have 3-hour break between classes 2 and 3. So usually I stay on campus and study in that 3-hour gap. Not having class 3 today enabled me to go home 3 HOURS EARLY!! I was ecstatic! On top of that, I didn’t have dance rehearsal or any type of meeting to attend. I had the entire afternoon off. Now, on a normal day, my nerdy kid self would use the time to catch up on homework, maybe even get ahead.

NOPE! Season one of One Tree Hill got my full and undivided attention… Oh, and my chocolate cake. That was delicious, by the way.

Long story short, this Monday turned out to be one of the few great ones. Oh, and that quiz I talked about earlier… 100%. Whaddup, people?!

This is proof that some Mondays can turn out alright. But for those of you who had a completely horrible Monday, don’t worry. Tomorrow is Tuesday.