And That’s a Wrap…

No big deal… but I am officially a college graduate, guys!

No more class. No more studying. No more school.

I can’t believe it. I have so much free time now that I don’t know what to do with myself. I jokingly tell everyone that I’m a jobless bum, sometimes interchangeable with nomad. Same thing. While I have been searching for jobs (because let’s be real, I do need money), I have been enjoying some time off. I can do whatever I want, when I want. School no longer dictates my day-to-day life. After 16 and a half years of schooling, that is so weird.

There’s just so much freedom! I need to pick up a few regular hobbies and find some things that I enjoy doing again because I have so much time to fill (between filling out job apps, of course).

And yes, graduate school might come later down the road, but for now, I am done.

Here are some memes that summarize how I feel about the whole thing:

grad9 grad1 grad7 grad6 grad5

Break Boredom

As a lot of you already know, I’m a college student. About 3 weeks ago was finals week. I was dying (figuratively, but at the time it felt literal). All I wanted was to be on break. My plan was to lay in bed for days on end, catch up on sleep, read, exercise, go to the shooting range at least once a week, and hang out with my friends.

This was me just about every day since the fourth week of the semester: “I just need a break. Like a long break. I just want to do nothing.”

I was this kid…

So what am I getting at here?

This was me 2 days into Christmas break: “All I want to do is go back to school! I’m so bored. I just want to study something!”

I turned into this kid…

Okay, yes. NERD ALERT. But seriously, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t know how to break. I don’t know how I have survived winter breaks since Kindergarten. Like what do people do? I’ve tried reading, writing, exercising, dancing, crafting, baking, watching TV and movies, hanging out with friends and family, shopping, working, mini golfing, sleeping for countless hours, social media-ing, and I’m sure there’s more but this list just got long and you guys are bored.

Anyways…I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been trying to escape my boredom all break. I really just need to go back to school… or get a hobby. But here’s my problem with getting a hobby:

“Alright… time to get inspired! I’m bored. I need something to do. Let’s find something!…”

5 seconds later…

“Facebook?!? How did I end up on here?!”

It happens every time, I swear. I don’t even know how it happens.

Sigh… life struggles…