Dog Mom For Days

Hello, beautiful people!

How long has it been? A year and a half? Life, man. It goes by so quickly!

Anyway… How have y’all been? I’ve just been enjoying this crazy thing called life one day at a time. I’m sure a lot has happened since you last heard from me, too. Let’s start with the two biggest things that happened:

  1. I bought my first home! YAY! It was a really good experience and I’m ultimately glad I chose to do it. Boyfriend and I are now 5 months in and we are still loving homeownership, so that’s a plus! We took a bunch of video while we were going through the process of moving (and remodeling) so we are finally going through all the footage, cutting, splicing, and dicing our way into a finished product everyone (including y’all) will be able to eventually see. Our video editing software has crashed a few times, but it seems to be good now, so we are well on our way to something awesome!
  2. We bought a puppy! This happened before the purchase of our home, but since this post will be about her, I figured I’d put it second on the list. She is ADORABLE! When we got her, she was just 3 months old, weighing in at a hefty 5 pounds. As far as breed goes, we are certain she’s part Rat Terrier. We were told she’s mixed with English Shepherd, which makes sense once you look at her, but I’m still not entirely convinced. We named her Hallie and she now is fully grown at about 15 pounds.


I’m sure I will give you a lot more background on her in a different post, but for now…

It’s crazy how we’ve had Hallie for a year now and I went from hating everything living (plants, kids, animals) to being a hardcore dog mom. Hallie is the most spoiled dog ever, I swear. I find myself wanting things now that I never would have dreamed of wanting before. For example, I really want this pair of friendship bracelets. You get one for you to wear on your wrist and another for your dog to wear as a collar. And also this dog mom shirt. It’s the cutest thing ever! I never wanted to be a mother to anything and now my dog is basically my child.

Another thing I reallllly wanted? A birthday party for Hallie when she turned one. A birthday party?! For a dog?! Yes. I wanted it. And it happened. She was the most adorable thing ever in her party hat and “It’s My Birthday” bandanna. Boyfriend and I made a buttload (yes, that’s an actual unit of measure) of homemade dogs treats, handed out goody bags for Hallie’s dog friends and even had Subway catered (for our human friends). Hallie had a birthday cake and the whole shebang. It was awesome.


Hallie’s First Birthday

So now, especially after that day, I’ve decided I’m a crazy dog mom and it’s totally okay. This is one of the few things that I really enjoy about being a millennial – They have embraced dog ownership full-force and I think it’s freakin’ awesome.

Some things I do for my dog, I’m well-aware are absolutely ridiculous, but I don’t have actual children so I feel as though these things are okay. Like what? Well, I just spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon this weekend at the off-leash dog run. She loves it there and I had nothing better to do, so why not go and let her run around with her friends? I buy her things, lots of things, just because she’s a really good girl and I want to reward her. She could be just sitting there and I’ll tell her how good she is. Ridiculous, right? For Christmas last year, we took her to see Santa and on Christmas morning, she had a stocking full of toys. On Easter, we took her to see the Easter bunny, but he was really creepy and Hallie hated him, so we won’t be doing that again. She has a sweater or bandanna for every single holiday or season. Why? I have no idea, but she looks super cute wearing them.┬áSometimes, I even go through the Dairy Queen drive thru to order a small ice cream just for her.

Oh, well. At least my dog will have a really good life. I’m okay knowing that.