Bikini By Break?

Sorry, guys. This post is a little overdue. But, do you all remember my Break Boredom post? (Why are you still reading this? Go read that post right now.)

I have found my hobby. It’s actually an old hobby that I used to have back in high school and a little bit when I went to Bethel. Anyway… my new addiction? EXERCISE!

Okay, I know what you all are doing right now. Stop Jennifer Lawrence judging me and hear me out.

I’ve always found exercise to be really fun. I got myself a gym membership at Planet Fitness (Do it! It’s totally worth the $10/month), plus I can use the gym at my school and I go just about every day.Yes, there are some people out there that are against paying for gyms. I get it, I really do. But, I’ve found that paying for my membership actually helps me out. First of all, I could stay at home and break out the completely ridiculous 90’s workout tapes (shoot, where’s my VHS player?), but the space is limited and frankly, I don’t like throwing weights around my living room (or soup cans because I don’t have free weights anymore). Something will get broken. Second, paying to use the gym motivates me to get there. Why wouldn’t I go? My $10 are at stake.

I am currently working on calling my renewed hobby something snazzy, just because I feel like when you go through some sort of life transformation, it should have a name. “The New Me?” Maybe that’s a little overused. “Bodypocalypse?” Is that weird? Oh! Here’s one: “Bikini By Break.” I don’t know. It needs to be something catchy.

As someone conveniently pointed out the other day, I have no extravagant plans for spring break (um, joykill much?) and I live in Northern Indiana, so maybe wearing a bikini over spring break isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

Wrong! I will find someone with a hot tub. It will probably still be snowing because my spring break is in March, but I will find one and wear my bikini in it with my friends who are also doing this YetToBeNamed exercise thing. So, hot tub people of Northern Indiana, trust me when I say:

“Bikini By Break?” I think it’s a keeper. Unless y’all have other suggestions. Get at me.

Hey, Jennifer Lawrence Judgers. Stop it. I know what you’re doing.