More Bathroom Embarrassment

Okay, just one more bathroom story. Then, I promise I’ll talk about something else for a while.

I went out for my friend’s 22nd birthday a couple months ago. A group of us decided to go bowling and after that, we went out to eat at this tiny diner. (By that time, it was like 1 am.) The company was good. We sat there and sang Taylor Swift’s “22” to him, and it was generally a great time. After we ate and sat there for a while, we all started to get tired so we got up and started to leave. On this particular night, my sister and I rode together, and right before we walked outside she stated that she needed to use the bathroom. One of our friends that was walking out with us agreed, so we turned around to use the facilities.

Alright, so far everything is normal.

My bathroom experience was normal, so was my sister’s. My sister and I popped a squat on a little bench outside the bathrooms to wait for our friend to get done.

That’s when all bathroom hell broke loose. (That was definitely an exaggeration.)

This guy walked out of the men’s bathroom with, I swear to you, ten feet of toilet paper attached to his heel. You guys, I’ve only seen this kind of thing happen in the movies. He just walked by us (by the time he reached the end of the bathroom hallway, the TP had detached itself from his foot) and I just sat there in shock. I had never seen that happen to anyone before… How does that happen? Like, I check my feet every time after I use public restrooms. I thought everyone did that.

My sister and I looked at each other at the same time… and we freaking lost it. (It was like 2:30 by this time… we were slap happy anyway.) We were both in tears from laughing so hard. We weren’t laughing at him, we were laughing at his situation… because I promise you, it’s hilarious when you see that in real life.

At that point, our friend came out of the bathroom. She took one look at the ten feet of TP on the floor and another look at my sister and I doubled over laughing on the bench. We tried to explain between breaths what just happened and she said:

“Sometimes I think I’m having a bad day, then things like this happen to other people…”

In unrelated bathroom news, I go to school with the Hulk. I walked into the bathroom on the silent floor of my school’s library and found this gem. Feel free to create your own story about what happened here:Stall Door

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