What’s That Noise?

The other morning, I was in my room getting ready for school and it was fairly quiet (I think I was packing my backpack for class or something). As I was doing so, I thought I heard a vibrating noise, just two short vibrations like my phone does when I have a text. I picked my phone up off my desk and hit the “home” button. Nothing. A few minutes later, I heard the same short vibrations, so I picked up my phone to see if I had missed something. Again, nothing. At the time, I just took it at face value. I was probably just hearing things, or wishfully thinking ThatOneGuy would send me a “Good Morning” text (girls do that, don’t judge). Whichever the case, I just went about my business and didn’t think much about it again…

Until a few days later…

It was evening time and I was sitting at my desk in my room doing something on my laptop. I heard the same two short vibrations that I had heard before. Weird. At this point, I knew I wasn’t imagining things. Something was vibrating. I quickly made a mental list of all the devices I own that would make vibrating sounds. But I knew only my phone made that particular vibrating pattern, so I checked it again. Nothing. Weird.

Today, I was sitting on my bed taking a study break on Facebook. I knew Leeah (my sister) left the house early this morning, but wasn’t quite sure where she went. I looked at my Facebook chat and saw that little green dot next to her name with the word “Web” next to it. Usually, “Web” means that the user is accessing Facebook via computer (right?) so I thought it was weird that she would be on a computer somewhere, especially if she was at work, which is where I thought she might be. So, I did something I never do simply because we usually just text each other. I messaged her.

It took me a second to realize it, but eventually I figured out that every time I sent a message, I heard that vibrating sound. I found out that she was at work on break and was using her phone to access Facebook (so the “Web” thing must count iPhones/Pads/Pods as computers? I dunno.) I proceeded to tell her that every time I sent her a message, something in my room vibrated.

Then, it hit me. About a week ago, Leeah activated a new phone.

I asked her if she deactivated her old one and she said no. I also asked her where she put her old phone after she activated her new one. “My room,” she said.

So I guess the vibrating mystery is solved, but I still haven’t found the dumb phone. I’m convinced it’s in my room somewhere. If not, dang. That thing has a really strong vibrate.

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