Free Trial Frugality

I am cheap. Wait. Let’s clear this up right now: I am not rent-a-room-by-the-hour cheap. I’m talking about money. For the sake of this conversation, we’ll call it frugal. My parents say I squeak when I walk. That’s how frugal I am. Here’s some imagery of me at the gas station…

There are some things that I have to spend money on. Like tuition and books for school, gas for my car, and food. Okay, and occasionally clothes. Then, there are some things that I’ll bend the rules for just a little bit like my recent gym membership and a night out with my friends every now and then. Then, there are things that I just can’t bring myself to pay for…

Over winter break when I was completely bored out of my mind, I decided to type the following letter combination into Google: NETFLIX.

I knew it was a horrible idea once I did it. But I had just finished the first 2 seasons of One Tree Hill via DVD and I was dying to get to season 3. Lucky for me (why did I not know this before?) Netflix has a free trial for a month.

Over the next few days, I became Penny from Big Bang Theory after she discovered World of Warcraft.

Penny After all, I only had a month right? Not only did I have to get through all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill, I also had to experience what it was like to watch any movies I wanted all day long. This was serious business.

I told my friends about my plan to keep Netflix for only a month and they all laughed. “You’ll get addicted,” they said. “There’s no way you’ll turn it off after a month. It’s basically impossible.”

Well, friends, I successfully got through season 6 of One Tree Hill and viewed 4 movies by the time break was over. (I know, I’m kind of an amateur, but I tried to have a life, too.)

According to my Netflix account, I have… 9 days????? WHAT?! Wow, I didn’t know I was cutting it that close. I still have 3 more seasons of One Tree Hill to watch! Okay… maybe another exception is in order. $7.99/month? Maybe I’ll just do the first month. After that, make no mistake, I will cut it off.

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