Tuesday Travesties

Before this week, I thought Monday was the absolute worst day of the week. Apparently not. There’s definitely something to be said about Tuesday.

This morning started out great. I had plenty of time to get ready for school, I had a plan for the day, I was feeling good.

Then I got to school.

I sat down in my first class and tried to log into the computer. Some error message came up about not being able to connect to a server or something. I clicked “ok” and tried again. Same message. Then, I overheard the people behind me talking about the server being completely down. I was still in denial, so I got on my smart phone and went to Facebook using 3G (so slow!) only to discover that my news feed had already blown up with people talking about not going to campus because nobody can get on the Internet, print anything, or even open a Word document.

I find it absolutely absurd and ridiculous that I got frustrated over not having a connection to the Internet. I mean, I really don’t want to be one of those people. You know, the certain breed of human that can’t survive without WiFi. Probably the same breed of human who thought this was funny…

But I did. I got really frustrated. Why? I had a plan, dang it. That plan revolved around WiFi.

Did I forget to mention that my first class is called Writing for the Web? Yup, true story. That class lasted about 15 minutes before my professor decided that we couldn’t do anything unless we had Internet access.

Anyway, my plan for the day was that I was going to get to my first class early, print documents from my online syllabus for Class 2, read those documents before Class 1 started, go to Class 2, then do my homework for Class 3 in the 2-hour time gap I have between Class 2 and Class 3. Class 3’s assignment also required Internet access.

Needless to say, that plan epically failed!

Here’s what actually happened: I decided that after the 15 minutes that was supposed to be Class 1, I would race home (and I mean race) so that I could quickly print what I needed to for Class 2 and be back in time for class. Problem: that afforded me no time to actually read what I was supposed to for Class 2. Scrap that.

Alright, so maybe I can just skip Class 2 all together? I don’t have the reading done and don’t have time to go print what I need to. Hmmm… what’s the attendance policy for that class? Here, let me look it up… Oh wait! The attendance policy is on the ONLINE SYLLABUS! Okay, that’s awesome. Maybe I can just use my 3G connection and very slowly figure out what the attendance policy is. Alright, Safari, do your thing. “Cannot open page.” FORGET THIS! Class 2 is definitely getting skipped. I don’t even care about the attendance policy anymore.

I drove home, did my homework for Class 3, printed what I needed to, and drove back to campus in enough time to actually go to class 3.

That was a fiasco! I’m glad it’s over.

In conclusion:

One thought on “Tuesday Travesties

  1. Strangely enough I feel I can really relate to this story. Well I hope I can I was there.

    But I can totally relate I ended up walking to subway to use their wi-fi to try and blog from my kindle. In a word disastrous.

    I've been staying home to do my work in case something like that happens again, but home is where I keep all my toys, dag-nab-it. I can't get any work done there.


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