Canning Casper & Creating New Traditions

Halloween is almost here! I am so super pumped about it.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the holiday. As a kid, I hated Halloween. I did not want to get dressed up, period. Getting the candy was fun and all, but I really hated dressing up.

To be honest, I think Casper the Friendly Ghost is to blame. He was my favorite cartoon character when I was young and I had a bunch of Casper, Stinkie, Stretch, and Fatso toys (whew, I had to look those up just now because I couldn’t remember all their names). Casper was awesome and I loved him.

casper the friendly ghost flying through woods with castle background
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My New Acknowledgement Face

Guys… It’s been a long week. I have yet to have a normal “routine” night at home after work. Work has been exhausting and home has been exhausting, and I’m just feeling a little dead.

Anyway, while I was running around at work earlier this week, I noticed something new I do. It immediately made me laugh at myself, and I have to share because I’m wondering if I’m the only one doing this.

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Dissecting My Personality

It’s been a long time since I took a personality test. I was super curious to see my results and it turned out pretty much how I thought – spot on.

person holding ballpoint pen writing on white paper

I – Introverted
N – Intuitive
T – Thinking
J – Judging

I am definitely not surprised by these results and the percentage that I lean on these is pretty spot on as well.

(Disclaimers: I know some people hate personality tests like Myers-Briggs. If that’s you, this post isn’t for you. Also, I only took one free test, so my results could vary between tests. I am just examining the one I did.)

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Review: Furbo Dog Camera

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made is the Furbo Dog Camera (get it now while it’s on sale for 46% off!!) My dog Hallie has epilepsy and I originally bought the camera to keep tabs on her at home while our vet was trying to figure out the correct dosage of epilepsy medication for her. I needed to keep track of her seizures and tell the vet when, what time of day, and how long each seizure lasted. Thankfully, Hallie has only had one seizure since I purchased the Furbo and I was home to help her through it. I am so grateful that I can keep eyes on her during the day when I’m at work, though.

furbo dog camera diagram
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Creepy Things & Uncaring Thoughts

silhouette of trees during red moon

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and/or braver, but I’m finding that I’m increasingly okay with scary movies. I’m not all about the blood and gore, but I do enjoy a good suspense/thriller/thinker type of movie. It can be a little creepy and I’m okay with that.

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6 Home Improvements I Didn’t Know I Needed

man and woman holding sledgehammer and paint roller

Over the last few years, Boyfriend and I have made many improvements to our home. Some have been small fixes that didn’t really need done, but it’s just nice to have them. Other improvements have been complete game-changers. At the risk of sounding a little spoiled, I really don’t think I would be happy if my home didn’t have some of these upgrades. When we buy a new house after our current one, the upgrades I’m about to describe will be the first things we do if they haven’t already been installed.

So here’s my list of upgrades that you need for your home ASAP (ranked from “need” to “absolutely positively must have”):

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Review: Classic KONG

Classic KONG

DurabilityDoes this product last at the mercy of my dog’s teeth?
Absolutely! We’ve only ever had to buy a new Classic KONG when our dogs have lost them (I swear our house has a black hole somewhere). There has never been any signs that our dogs could possibly tear up this toy – no teeth marks, claw marks, etc. (They are also fairly easy to clean as long as they don’t sit outside for months. Oops.)

PlayabilityDoes my dog care about this product?
Not really. But it’s partially my fault, I think. I’m not a huge fan of constantly occupying my dogs with food. That leads to the constant expectation that they get treats all the time, which leads to weight gain. When I put a treat in the center of this toy (which is what it’s made for), my dogs love it and go nuts for it. They are occupied for maybe a half hour or so getting the treat out, then move to a different toy. Not very often do they pick up this toy when a treat is not in it.

Cost: Am I getting the most bang for my buck?
These toys range from $7.50 to $25 depending on the size. Considering durability, I’d say this purchase is well worth it. If you are a food-occupier type of dog parent, I think the playability is an added bonus.

Overall, I give the Classic KONG a 4-star review. The durability of this toy is fantastic! My dogs like it when it’s used like it should be, but I really wish they were more interested in it without food in it.

classic kong dog toy


Coveted Covers: Must-Have Books for Christmas 2020

Around this time of year, I stop buying things for myself. Boyfriend and I like to do Christmas BIG and both of our families are Christmas lovers, too. I am horrible about coming up with things to put on my Christmas list (don’t judge me for having one of these at the age of 27), so in an effort to make coming up with things less frustrating, I tend to stop buying myself things around August.

Three books came out recently (of course all at the same time), and I am dying to get my hands on them.

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